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On Mon, 26 Jul 1999, Parisi & Watson wrote:

> I agree with you, but my questions about the ultimate authority of the Vedas
> are also accompanied by grave doubts about the central tenets of the
> Upanishads themselves, which I believe are a miracle of clarity and
> simplicity, as you say. My doubts center around the question of whether
> _any_ experience or state of consciousness can serve as support for
> metaphysical or super-sensual claims. Unfortunately my main point got lost
> in the shuffle over the Vedas. But as I stated, I fear that this
> disagreement may lie at such a fundamental level that discussion will be
> fruitless. Or maybe it isn't fruitless and I just allowed myself to be
> sidetracked. It's hard to say...

I think we did get a little sidetracked but the other issues were also
interesting so sorry for hijacking your thread.

Even if it is true that consciousness is something that just pops up when
there is a critical mass of neurons or it is a lucky mutation, it would
not make a difference I think.  The fact is that we've got it. Other
things don't.  Perhaps we should proceed down this avenue for further

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