Thank You

Vaidya Sundaram Vaidya_Sundaram at I2.COM
Tue Jul 27 10:33:47 CDT 1999

>I somehow feel offlate List members are showing little tolerance or no
>tolerance atall,this is how I feel following the discussions about the
>authority of Vedas. For people like me who are the beginners this is very

 I can only this ... It was indeed discouraging for me when I first stepped into
a class on Statistical thermodynamics when every one knew more than I did. It
does not mean I ask for any linency in grading. Even if I ask I will not get it.
The only alternative is to learn more. We are here to learn in this list. We are
not here to feel comfortable about who we are right now, or to to feel we are
"doing something".
 I hope you also understand that it is not my intention to put anyone down when
I say the above; I am merely echoing the very reason I am here in this list; and
it is obvious that I am very much a novice at this ...
bhava shankara desikame sharanam

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