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Sat Dec 18 23:38:55 CST 1999

>From: Chuck Hillig <chillig at JETLINK.NET>
> >Many people have compared the illusary nature of this world, and
> >with the dreaming state. That the One who awakens realizes the unreal
> >of the thing called existence (yours and mine).
> >
> >I think an example was cited wherein Sri Sureshwaracharya gives the
> >of the Gyana (which is in the realm of Avidya ?) acting like a tiger in a
> >dream that causes the sleeper to wake up.
> >
> >Seems to me, that Gyana causes the Brahma in us to become aware of its
> >existence/nature as Ayam Atma Brahma.
> >
> >But here is my confusion. The dream causes the one who is chased by a
> >to wake up. Gyana  directly causes the removal of Avidya. THAT IS ONLY TO
> >THE PERSON IN THE DREAM (as also to the person in the realm of avidya).
> >the realized Self, there is no awakening. But what to the one who is
> >dreamt of ? To say that he doesn't exist just doesn't cut it. Seems like
> >does have to *get* to a stage to say something like I alone exist.
>      Hmmmmm.   Well, even great old analogies (e.g. like the
>"dream-and-the-dreamer" as well as the "world-as-a-movie") DO have their
>limitations.   :-)
>      You ask about the "one who is being dreamt of."   But, exactly "who"
>would that be?  And, once again, exactly "who" is this Dreamer?  Isn't it
>all just Consciousness?
>     Yes, the dream and the dreamer appear to "exist"....but are they

Ok. So all is consciousness. But, at least at the vyavahaarik level, you and
I *appear* to exist. You and I are the dream of one and the same One,
correct? Then taking that to be the premise, once whether you or anyone else
realizes that this is all a dream and truly "awakens" to your real nature,
all this, including me, should vanish and become realized at the same time
because its the same one that is dreaming this and we are just all
characters in the dream. So as soon as the dreamer awakens, we should all
become aware of our true self. But this is clearly not true and, if I
remember correctly, I read a similar such argument against Advaita which is
often used by other (Hindu) schools.

>From this, we deduce that *something in me* itself has to become aware of
*my* true nature which "I" clearly am not aware of right now.

Perhaps at the end of 100 Days of Brahma, this dreamer will awaken and suck
everything into itself (so us poor jivas enjoy the bliss temporarily) and
then project the illusion once more, meaning, go to sleep once again ? :-) ?

Would appreciate any corrections (and there should be plenty).

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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