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In the dream (that is avidya) you see the person you dreamt of (as you put it) as a separate entity. Once the avidya is removed, you do not see any difference between you and that other person. If you go back to the level of the dream , you will still see the other person as you saw him before, again rising up to the level of Vijnana you as an entity do exist separately from him as an entity.
Perception is based on one's impression. Therefore the first rule of spiritual practice is what we see with our senses is only the mind's impression. It does not exist in the same sense as we see it. As the seer changes the seen will also change correspondingly.


>Seems to me, that Gyana causes the Brahma in us to become aware of its own
>existence/nature as Ayam Atma Brahma.
>But here is my confusion. The dream causes the one who is chased by a tiger
>to wake up. Gyana  directly causes the removal of Avidya. THAT IS ONLY TO
>THE PERSON IN THE DREAM (as also to the person in the realm of avidya). To
>the realized Self, there is no awakening. But what to the one who is being
>dreamt of ? To say that he doesn't exist just doesn't cut it. Seems like one
>does have to *get* to a stage to say something like I alone exist.

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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