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On Mon, 2 Aug 1999, Sankaran Panchapagesan wrote:

> Hi.
> > My quotations about his "Astikatva" were from the very same
> > shlokavArtika. I am now seriously getting doubts whether my posts are
> > being read or not :->.
> Yes, I do read and remember what you said, but I just wanted to confirm
> then, that Radhakrishnan and Moore are wrong in their statement:
> "Some later Mimamsakas admit the reality of God. Others, however, argue
> extensively against the existence and necessity of God, as for example,
>                         ^^^^^^^^^
> does Kumarila Bhatta in the SlokavArtika".
> I was also considering another possibility that you were mistaken in your
> quote. So I just wanted to know if you knew exactly what conception of God
> he accepts.
> > Arguing against a creator god != arguing against God. The mImA.nsakas
> > hold that there is no creation or destruction of the universe. It
> > always was and will be. So the point of Bhagavan Kumarila should be
> > studied in this light. I have not read the shlokavArtika in its
> > entirety. Which chapter is this from?
> The selections are supposed to be from SlokavArtika, Section 16:
> "sambandhAkshepa-parihAra".
> Hope this discussion is relevant to the list.

It is because Advaitins follow the same view.  It is unacceptable for God
to be meddling in the law of karma on whims.  Rather He impartially metes
out the appropriate rewards and punishments according to the jivas own

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