Veda in advaita & mImA.nsA (was Re: Nature of Consciousness) (fwd)

Sankaran Panchapagesan panchap at ICSL.UCLA.EDU
Mon Aug 2 20:37:39 CDT 1999

> My quotations about his "Astikatva" were from the very same
> shlokavArtika. I am now seriously getting doubts whether my posts are
> being read or not :->.

Yes, I do read and remember what you said, but I just wanted to confirm
then, that Radhakrishnan and Moore are wrong in their statement:

"Some later Mimamsakas admit the reality of God. Others, however, argue
extensively against the existence and necessity of God, as for example,
does Kumarila Bhatta in the SlokavArtika".

I was also considering another possibility that you were mistaken in your
quote. So I just wanted to know if you knew exactly what conception of God
he accepts.

> Arguing against a creator god != arguing against God. The mImA.nsakas
> hold that there is no creation or destruction of the universe. It
> always was and will be. So the point of Bhagavan Kumarila should be
> studied in this light. I have not read the shlokavArtika in its
> entirety. Which chapter is this from?

The selections are supposed to be from SlokavArtika, Section 16:

Hope this discussion is relevant to the list.


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