kAnchi mahA swAmi on smArthAs

Dr. S.R.Marur smarur at EASI.SOFT.NET
Tue Aug 3 03:24:18 CDT 1999

This is with reference to the recent discussion on
smArthAs and their perceived leaning more towards
Lord Shiva and vibhUdhi dhAranam etc. :

Prof. Hajme Nakamura had asked the same question
to HH MahA SwAmy of Kanchi when had come to have
His dharshan - "When the bhAshyams of AchAryAl talk
about advaitham, how is that His successor (i.e. PeriyavA)
is wearing vibbhuthi (basmam) and doing Chandra moulIswara
pUja in the math daily ?"

SrI PeriyavAl's lucid and deep answer to this and also
on the smArtha sampradhAyam and as to why it is generally
asscociated with saivaite tradition, albeit wrongly,
is worth reading:

"Sankara sampra dhAyam", Deivathin Kural (in Tamil),
Vol II, pp: 119-157, Second Edition (1980).

[Note: The page numbers may slightly vary in the
subsequent six editions of this volume]



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