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Sat Oct 17 03:22:37 CDT 1998

Anand wrote:

>  the tripurA, bahvR^ichA, and saubhAgyalaxmI upaniShads said to be
>  from the  R^ig Veda,
>  the sarasvatI-rahasya upaniShad said to be from the kR^iShNa-yajur-
>  veda,
>  and the tripurAtApinI, devI, bhAvanA, and sItA upaniShads said to
>  be from the atharva veda.
> These have been translated into English by Krishna Warrier,
> published by Adyar Research Library and Research Centre, Madras.

Could you please give the title of this publication?

>I posted excerpts from the bahvR^ichA with notes based on
> upaniShad brahma yogin's commentary earlier this year. I am planning
> to do the same for the tripurA and the saubhAgya-laxmI upaniShads.

I'm looking forward to these postings very much.

Many thanks and Om,

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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