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 Guy Werlings wrote:

>Who could provide some info on SAktAdvaita vedAnta ?

 There are some upaniShads which go by the name "shAkta-upaniShads."
 advaita is frequently taught in these texts. These are

  the tripurA, bahvR^ichA, and saubhAgyalaxmI upaniShads said to be
  from the  R^ig Veda,
  the sarasvatI-rahasya upaniShad said to be from the kR^iShNa-yajur-
  and the tripurAtApinI, devI, bhAvanA, and sItA upaniShads said to
  be from the atharva veda.

 These have been translated into English by Krishna Warrier,
 published by Adyar Research Library and Research Centre, Madras.

 The upaniShads have also been published in the original text and
 with the commentary of upaniShad brahma yogin in Sanskrit. As far as
 I know, this commentary has not been translated.


 PS: I posted excerpts from the bahvR^ichA with notes based on
 upaniShad brahma yogin's commentary earlier this year. I am planning
 to do the same for the tripurA and the saubhAgya-laxmI upaniShads.

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