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Thu May 28 19:51:26 CDT 1998


     I was reading biographies of Maharishis compliled by Vidwan
     Venkateswarlu. In the story about Yagnavalka Maharishi, he mentions
     about "YogaYagnavalkam", a dialogue between Maharishi and his wife
     Gargi in which he states:

     1. "swakarmanaa manushtanaa tsamyagaatma nidarsanat, vedaatanaam

      parijnaanat gruhastopi vimuchyate"

     2  "jnaanakarma samayogat paramapnoti purushaha  prudhagbhavo na

      siddeyeta ubhe tasmat samasrayet"

     Appreciate someone with sanskrit knowlege, translate the shlokas.  This
is the best I can do quoting the slokas


     From what little knowledge I have in sanskrit, I can say the first
     slokla says that a householer discharging his duties with vedanta
     parijaanam will achieve mukti and the second sloka says that jnaanayoga
     alone is not enough. karma and jnaana both to be practiced to attain
     mukti.  Please correct me if Iam wrong.

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