Brahmaikya (from YV)

Swami Vishvarupananda omkar at GIASDL01.VSNL.NET.IN
Thu May 28 21:34:36 CDT 1998

>From the NirvANa PrakaraNa of YogavAsiSTha:


VasiSTha said:
In the vast vast ocean of endless water huge waves of infinite number rise
and fall. In the same way, from you, the endless Chit, innumerable worlds
rise and fall. When you kick off the idea of the world and thake refuge in
the Chit, what happens to the vaasanas etc? They perish themselves. When the
jiva and the world are nothing but creations of the mind, are not the rest
the same? You are the splendid ocean of Chidatma with innumerable high and
deep waves. Rama, when waves cease, you will be as calm as the sky.
The heat from fire, the fragrance from the lotus, the blackness from the
eye-paint, the whiteness from the snow, sweetness from the sugar candy,
light from lustre and waves from water cannot be separated, are not
different. Thus, the world is not different from the nature of Chit.
Experience is not different from chitta, the mind. It is not different from
aham, 'I'. The jiva is not different from math, mine. Mind is not different
from jiva. The senses are not different form the mind. The body is not
different from the senses. The world is not different from the body. The
body is not different from the word. The wheel thus turns round and round
from times immemorial.
But in reality, in the opinion of the knower of Self, all this is false. The
wheel does not turn at all -- slow or fast, now or ever. To the man of
endless realisation, the Brahman like the sky vast appears and nothing else,
the small or the big appears. Then the vaccum in the vaccum, the Brahman in
the Brahman, the Truth in Truth, Fullness in the Fullness appear.
The knower of Self -- though he engages in actions -- as he is of no mind
for it, on interest in it, he does not do; he does not enjoy. He is the doer
as well as the non-doer. Actions done with interest and attachment are
responsible for joys and sorrows. In the absence of interest or attachment,
there are no actions, no joys or sorrows, there is no doership.
The endless sky is subject to varied words and word-affairs. Thus the
Brahman or the Atman is called the world. One whose inner mind is as pure as
the sky, one who follows the principles of good behaviour and purity, inner
and outer, one who remains unelated and unperturbed in joys and woes like a
log of wood or a big peace of stone, one who respects even his enemy who
comes to kill him with good affection, he alone is fit to see the Self.

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