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hariH OM!

The following is an excerpt from a letter in response to a query.


We are all the One SELF.  The surface appearances
of things are all lies and distortions of the truth.
These appearances support myriad antagonistic egos,
which breed the idea of separateness.  Out of this comes
fear, desire, anxiety, despair, loneliness, and tragedy.

The way out of this is through self-enquiry.  Each person
has to search within themselves to find out what's really
what.  The outcome--albeit sometimes involving a long and
difficult struggle--is *inevitable*.

Thus I can say, as a result of my own investigation and
discovery:  we are one.  The Self in you is the selfsame
Self in me.  As it is behind all the egos of the world.
They just haven't found out yet.  But, in the meantime,
we shouldn't blame/judge them for not yet doing so.

And now for the real shift: they are not "not yet doing so."
Firstly because time and evolution are themselves myths
in the Mind.  Secondly, and more accurately, "they" are
themselves myths [in this non-existent Mind], for "they"
are not multiple!  "They" are only the One SELF.  Thus
even this myth is itself a myth!  Ad infinitum...

Herein heralds the arrival at *That I AM*, beyond judgment.

OM shaanthi shaanthi shaanthiH

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