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Tue May 19 12:34:13 CDT 1998

Gummuluru Murthy wrote:

> Although I see the point that is being made, with which I concur, but
> why blame the poor "mind" ? It is true that the mind is the originator
> or conduit for thoughts that go through this body-mind-intellect complex,
> but they may just as well be good thoughts. Rg veda says "Let noble
> thoughts come to us from all sides".
> It is the viveka, that discriminator that lets the single worst thought
> "desire", however small, to go through. And that, in my view, is the one
> that runs havoc in this body-mind-intellect complex and hampers whatever
> chance we have of going beyond the body-mind-intellect and realizing our
> true Self. My favorite Viveka ChuDAmaNi verse (# 424) says in part
> "... the culmination of dispassion (vairAgya) is the desirelessness...".

Yes, good or positive thoughts, such as found in the mahavakyaslike tattvamasi
and ahambrahmasmi are vital on the path to
egoic the purification process, establishing
viveka and subsequent vairagya.  Even gayatrimantram invokes
positive thoughts.  Not so in the sahaja state.  Here, *any*
thought thus becomes not only an obstacle/limitation, but an
unnecessary effort to have or react to.  Nevertheless the lila
goes on, being the product of the mahamahat of saguna brahman.
So thoughts may or may not continue.  The point is they can
no longer manipulate awareness and specifically, in this way,
create moment-to-moment the mayavic jiva.  This is the result
of the full engagement of vairagya.  The outcome is clear.

Sadananda stated in thread "Re: moksha and mumukshutvam"
earlier today:
> [...] ............  Obvously from Brahman point there is no
> question of the desire for liberation.  From Jeeva's point there
> is, since he thinks he is a jeeva.  The desire is in the mind of
> jeeva who obviously thinks he is the mind - Notion that I am a
> Jeeva goes with the notion that I am the mind.  And notions are
> entertained only in the mind!

I rest my case.
(meaning, I rest the case concerning I/me/my! :-)


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