f. maiello egodust at DIGITAL.NET
Tue May 19 12:31:15 CDT 1998

Charles A. Hillig wrote:

> At 01:38 PM 5/18/98 -0400, you wrote:
> >The Mind is the only thing within the field of our consciousness
> >that can possibly bring us, at least *apparently*, out of our natural
> >state [of the Self].   Otherwise we are perpetually That.   Nay,
> >*despite* it, we are perpetually That!   For, is there another Reality?
> >Therefore, what Mind?
> >
> >Consider the implications of this.
>      I concur!
>      But, of course, there's no one really "here"
>                        to be doing the "concurring"
>                                   and there's no one really "there"
>                                            who is being "concurred with.
>                        With Blessings,
>                              One-who-only-pretends-to-be-the-subject-of-the
> sentence, "I concur."

ok, Chuck, now you're scaring me!


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