40. ekaprAbhavashAlinI

Ravi Mayavaram msr at REDDY20.TAMU.EDU
Tue May 12 22:06:26 CDT 1998


"ekAMshena sthito jagat" [bhagavad gita] - Cosmos is one aspect of
brahman. SHE is the ever existing eternal awareness "sat.h chit.h" and
SHE exhibits it by HER rulership. Hence SHE is known by this name.

Traditional Emperorship denoted by "prAbhava" has its limits in the
attributes. But HER rulership is unique (as indicated by eka). SHE has
no such limitations. "eSha sarveshvara eSha bhUtAdhipati eSha pAlaH"
[bR^ihadAraNyaka upaniShad 6-4-22] - He is the Lord of all, He is the
King of creatures and HE rules them all. From the above shruti it is
clear that SHE is the inner directing force and the supreme power. SHE
is a unique rulee with no limits. Hence SHE should be meditated as on
the supreme sovereignity and cause of jagat, as indicated by vedAnta
as "taTasthA", as "sat chit Ananda"  and which is indeed one's own

AUM ekaprAbhavashAlinyai namaH

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