40. ekaprAbhavashAlinI

Ravi Mayavaram msr at REDDY20.TAMU.EDU
Mon May 11 21:29:37 CDT 1998

40. ekaprAbhavashAlini

SHE possesses unique rulership.

"eka" means unique. "prAbhava" is attribute of "prabhu" and it means
rulership. What is unique in HER rulership? When there is a ruler,
there are some who are being ruled. In this case the uniqueness comes
because SHE is the ruler and the ruled. SHE rules the jagat. But SHE
is the cause for the jagat. Like the banian seed is the cause of
banian tree, which is in it. This is the uniqueness. This means SHE as
the basic Awareness is the cause of the jagat.

"prAbhava" means Ishvaratva.  This jagat which SHE rules, as HER
creation, is only one of the attributes of HER infinite awareness.
"pAdosya sarvA bhUtAni" - all creatures are only one part of Him

[to be continued]

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