mUDhAtmA (Was Re: Free will and destiny)

Ravi Mayavaram msr at REDDY20.TAMU.EDU
Mon May 11 12:42:05 CDT 1998

On Sat, 9 May 1998, Dr. M. Giridhar wrote:

>shri ravi wrote:
>course, I should add that, many mUDhAtmas like me, throw away allthese God
>given advantages and seek trivial things like certificates and money. As
>shankara says, it is like a suicide. Please correct me if I am wrong.
>There is nothing better than an opprtunity to learn.
>        Therefore, my point is not to criticize ourselves for what has
>been done by the body-mind complex, but instead put forth our best efforts
>towards sadhana, without feeling "i" am making the effort.


Other than giving myself of a concrete example for a mUDhAtma, I
merely  repeated what shrI shankara said in the 4 and 5th verse.

About nADi, I have my records. I have few chapters (total is 12). More
than anything, I think the 30 Rs my father paid for one chapter is
worth for the tamil poetry (~ 15+ stanzas , each one 4 line and in
andhAdhi format) ;-). Who will write specialized poem on you for Rs.
30, that too in old and beautiful style!!. As few of you pointed out,
it is amazing and astonishing.

But I do not think a lot about it and the future. It is HER
responsibility. Key thing is to keep the mind on Ishvara (as long as
you have it). At this point of time, even with the knowledge it is HER
will and not mine that happens, I still feel bad for not making the
best out my birth so far.

Whether it is India or America, when the bee of mind, circles around
HER beautiful blue lotus feet, it is always a heaven. When the mind
like house-fly runs to gutters of lustful thoughts, it is always hell.
May SHE, who is karuNamR^itasAgara, forgive my sins and keep my mind
immersed in HER glories. For such a mind even mukti is not very

"ichchuvai tavira yAn pOy indira lOkam ALum
 acchuvai peRinum vEnDen arangamAnagaruLane" (to paraphrase a AzhvAr)

Immersed in bhakti towards the Lord of shrIrangam, He says, even if
you want make me Indra I dont want it, I would rather stay here and
worship you.

There is nothing sweeter than this. May  ambAL, give us all a mind
which is saturated with bhakti for HER. I hope SHE will soon
rescue this mUdhAtma, suffering and suffocating in mediocrity of
mundane thoughts. Oh how long will I have to wait till my mind will
nothing else but HER!

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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