34. ekaishvaryapradAyinI

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34. ekaishvaryapradAyinI

SHE who grants aishvarya or Lordship.  Root "Ish" denotes directing.
"Ishvara" means the one who rules all created beings as its directing
power inside.

"yaH sarveShu bhUteShu tiShTan.h  - yaH sarvANi bhUtAni antaro yamati"
[bR^ihadAraNyakopaniShad] - Who dwelling inside all creatures and
directs all the creatures. These creatures who are directed by
"Ishvara" are jivas and they are denoted by the word bhUta. They are
forms of Awareness reflected in the limitation called Mind, which is a
product of ignorance.  They enjoy wakeful and other states. When they
realize the infinite brahman, they experience the oneness with him as
stated on "tattvamasi" (Thou art that). In the shruti "ekameva
advitIyam" it is stressed that ekam is advaita. Hence ekaishvarya is
the attribute of advaita state and SHE grants that non-dual unitary

"eka" means unique. When one is mentioned to be wise and rich, it
means he is unique in having learning and wealth in large measure.
Similarly in this context, SHE grants powers like aNima, and
liberation  in a superlative way, to devotees.

"ekaishvarya" can mean supreme human greatness like emperorship, and
SHE confers such things to HER devotees.

AUM ekaishvaryapradAyinyai namaH

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