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  My name is D. Allen and I live in San Francisco, California.
  I am a student of Ngeton, who teaches in the lineage of Nisargadatta
Maharaj and Jean Dunn. Ngeton lives on the island of Maui in Hawaii and
comes to the San Francisco bay area for satsangs and retreats. I have come
to Advaita after many years of practice in the tradition of Zen Buddhism,
and after leaving behind me 24 years of teaching philosphy. Now, I listen
to the birds and airplanes, look at the rain and flowers--at least when I
am not working on web sites and composing emails.  hehheh
  Not having much time to keep up with discussions Lists, I am
nevertheless interested in seeing what kinds of discussions take place
here on the advaita-L.  My hope is that the discussions will be from
silence and the heart, not the conditioned brain. So, right now, what is
happening?  In love always, d.

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Ravi Mayavaram wrote:

>    My name is John Grimes and I am currently teaching Hinduism and Buddhism
> at Michigan State University. I received my BA in Religious Studies at the
> University of California at Santa Barbara (under Professor Raimundo
> Panikkar) and my MA and PhD at the Radhakrishnan Institute for Advanced
> Study, University of Madras. My specialization is Advaita Vedanta,
> especially Suresvara. I am the author of Ganapati: Song of the Self; A
> Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy; and Problems and Perspectives in
> Religious Language: Advaita Vedanta Implications (all by SUNY Press). I am

Indeed we are fortunate in getting a vidvAn like Prof. Grimes on the
list. I strongly recommend his book, Ganapati: song of the self. It's an
admirable combination of the accuracy and breadth of reasearch one
usually sees in Western scholarship with all the insights of a true,
practicing advaitin. I hope Prof. Grimes gets enough time to share his
knowledge with all of us.


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