Selections from the shAkta upaniShads - 3

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Tue May 5 09:23:25 CDT 1998

 Anand Hudli wrote:
> 4) The three bodies, gross, subtle, and causal, correspond to the
>    three states of waking, dream, and deep sleep respectively. At
>    the individual level, the Consciousness, which becomes associated
>    with the vyaShTi (individual) ajnAna, is called PrAjna, taijasa,
>    and vishva, in the three states respectively.

 I am sorry for making a misleading statement here. The correspondence
 between the three states and prAjna, taijasa, and vishva, is as

  prAjna  <-> (dreamless) sleep (suShupti)
  taijasa <-> dream (svapna)
  vishva  <-> waking (jAgrat)

 The correspondence with Ishvara, etc. is correct as I stated before.

 prAjna <-> Ishvara
 taijasa <-> HiraNyagarbha
 vishva  <-> VirAT


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