|| shrI sha.nkarAchArya aShTottara-shata-nAma-stotram.h ||

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|| shrI sha.nkarAchArya aShTottara-shata-nAma-stotram.h ||

purANasmR^itisAraj~no nityatR^ipto mahA~nChuchiH |
nityAnando nirAta.nko nissa.ngo nirmalAtmakaH || 7 ||

nirmamo niraha"nkAro vishvavandyapadAmbujaH |
satvapradhAnassadbhAvassa"nkhyAtItagunojjvalaH || 8 ||

anaghassArahR^idayassudhIsArasvatapradaH |
satyAtmA puNyashIlashcha sA"nkhyayogavilakShaNaH || 9 ||

taporAshir mahAtejo  guNatrayavibhAgavit.h |
kalighnaH kAlakarmaj~nastamoguNanivArakaH || 10 ||

[to be continued]
AUM sAkShAt sha.nkara rUpabhRite namaH

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"Dr. M. Giridhar" <giridhar at CHEMENG.IISC.ERNET.IN> wrote:
> I agree that certain amounts of intellectual curiosity and
> reasoning is essential before one starts any sadhana, but numerous
> questions and answers only leads to more confusion. I am not telling you
> this to stifle your enthu to understand advaita, but only to make sure
> that your questions are accompanied by proper sadhana. Because
> intellectually understanding "I am That" is a great deal different from
> realizing That. As you wrote so beautifully sometime back :

Greetings Giri:

First, let me take this opportunity to welcome you and Ramakrishnan to
this list.  I fully endorse your wise and timely view points related to
Nanda's postings.   I am happy to see some excellent postings from the
youth members especially from you, Rama, Ravi and others.  Let me few
additional points in support of your contention.
    Several questions raised by Nanda are quite valid, but he
unnecessarily looks for the answers from outside.   Answers to spiritual
questions can only be found within.  Brahman is within and only Brahman
has the potential to comprehend Brahman.  Sankara's Advaita is flawless:
If we agree that we are Brahman, then there can be no questions!  If we
claim that we are not Brahman, then we have to wait until we become
Brahman to comprehend the Brahman!
      A clear distinction exists between Interaction and Reaction.
Interaction will be helpful  to look for answers within where as
Reaction will always drive us into intellectual pitfalls of confusion
and misery!  For example, an interaction from a learned Guru will  help
us to focus our search.  We need the Sadhana to Seek the help from a
Guru. Also, Guru Bhakti is necessary to cultivate discipline to listen
to Guru's teachings.  With the absence of Guru Bhakti, we will REACT
instead of interacting.
      In Bhagavad Gita, the conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjun
was really a dialog between the Consciousness and the Intellect with the
following outcome:  Conduct all Actions without an iota of Reaction!

Ram Chandran

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