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I did not realize that shrI Shyam sent the message to me as a private
mail. I replied it back to the list. I thought I will forward the valuable
information completely to the list.

I hope shrI Shyam will not mind this.

With repects,

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NamaskAram Ravi,

>On July 4th, a sannyAsi from shr^ingeri maTham is coming for complete the
>viShNU japa (probably svAmijI started some time back I guess). His name is
>svAmI paramAnanda bhArati. Does some one on the list know about this

I think I know Sri paramAnanda Bharati.   He was given sanyAsAshrama by
Jagadguru of Sringeri.   swami paramAnanda Bharathi was here in US about
seven years ago and I have  heard that he is a powerful orator.  One of my
relatives in Durham, N.C. still remembers his lectures given seven years
ago.   I had an occassion to listen to him in Bangalore, about eight years
ago.  It was excellent.  I waguely remember that, in that lecture,  he had
emphasized the need for sAdhana (such as devatArchana) for chittaSuddhi, as
the first step, before pursuing anything.

Before entering into SanyasAshrama, paramAnanda bhArati used to be a
professor of mathematics in I.I.T Madras.  He has  received a doctorate in
mathematics from the then USSR.  I do not know  about his other awards,
which may be many.   His pUrvASrama name is Dr. Shankara.   His parents
hail from Bangalore.  I think, his father was also a great scholar and  a
vedAnta (veDantam Subbiah) teacher.   Other family members of Dr. Shankar
are still known for their silent philanthropic activities.



[ Shyamasundar Ramkrishnan Harohalli]

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