71. lakShyArthA

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71. lakShyArthA

SHE whose form is illuminating Awareness and ultimate bliss.

SHE is the conclusion arrived at by study or inference established by
examining the mahAvAkya-s according to the jahadajahad lakShana. Function
of speech is to express the meaning of an object. When a word expresses
that only it is called vAchyA or mukhya. But it cannot do so always.  When
a word expresses the meaning approximately by implication it is called
lakShaNa.  vedAntins use the jahadajahad lakShaNa to describe brahman. As
the brahman is beyond the range of mind and speech, it can be
approximately explained by implication.  Or lakShya is the realization of
the illuminating Awareness by the dissolution of the mind. The practice of
haTha yoga and rAja yoga leads to this. This practice is in planes called
bhUmikAs well known in yoga shAstra. This is done within or without (the
body), above or below, in the pursuit of realization of illuminating
Awareness or by some to fulfil their wishes. Artha means that which is
begged of from the guru. Hence this name means SHE who is the illuminating
Awareness and the Ultimate Bliss.  "brahmaivedamamR^itaM purasthAt brahma
pashchAt brahma dakShinAtashchottarena" [muNDakopaniShad 2-2-11] which
means - Immortality alone is brahman and He is on all sides.

AUM lakShyArthAyai namaH

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