Questions about two verses

Vaidya N. Sundaram sundaram at ECN.PURDUE.EDU
Fri Jul 17 14:04:42 CDT 1998

On 15 July 1998 Ravisankar S. Mayavaram wrote:
> sandhyA snAnaM japashchaiva devatAnA~ncha pUjanam.h |
> vaishvedevam tathAtithyaM ShaT karmANi dine dine ||

 I have the same form of the verse also.

 Vaishvedevam is feeding the life around us that has no other task to
fulfill before eating. For example, birds, ants or any animal like cow
etc. It is also said to include people who are too old or those who are
unwell etc.  Feeding them before eating oneself is a house holders
responsibility. It has very high importance for any householder. (Some
people include making sure that there is food for the wife and household
servants etc also as part of vaishvedevam. I am sure of this though).

Cheers, Vaidya.

                      Vaidya N. Sundaram
 The place, time, objects and their knower etc., projected in a dream
during sleep are all mithyA (an illusion/false). So too, here. in the
waking state, the world that is seen is a projection by one's own
ignorance. Likewise, this body, the senses, the breath, the ego etc.,
are all unreal. Therefore, That thou art, the peaceful, defectless,
supreme, non-dual Brahman.  -- Adi Shankara in VivekacUdAmani.

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