Questions about two verses

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Wed Jul 15 09:43:36 CDT 1998

namaskAram shrI Murthy gAru,

The book I have differs a little with what you had quoted.

sandhyA snAnaM japashchaiva devatAnA~ncha pUjanam.h |
vaishvedevam tathAtithyaM ShaT karmANi dine dine ||

The book I have is by one KrishnAnanda Shastry, published by Bharatiya
Sanskrit bhavan, it is a book titled "vedokta evaM purANokta sachitra
nitya karma paddhati eva deva pUjA vidhiH"  in saMskR^itam and Hindi.
Directly under the verse he does not explain what vaishvedevam is. But at
a later point he has a section on balivaishvedeva. From a cursory glance
of the text, I understand that it is offering to fire and refers to
panchamahayagnam also. The term vaishvAnara means fire or fiery power
refered in ahaM vaishvAnaro bhUtva (B.G 15-14), also in nAgendrahArya
stotram as vaishvAnara lochanAya.

Feeding any being is also a fire ceremony because, who really eats is the
fire vaishvAnara and what is really eaten (offered) is soma. If one
realises this and understands the all that is, is a combination of these,
(s)he will not be affected by the impurity of the food (according to
shankara bhAShya).

 The word homa present in your verse, is not explicitly present in this
verse. Overall the book I have is very good. It gives mantra-s right from
getting up to going to sleep, plus pUjavidhis for many things.

I will go through the vaishvadeva bali section carefully (I know very
little hindi, but my wife knows. I should also give the credit to her, as
she only quoted 15-14), and send you the details.

With respects,

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