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On Wed, 15 Jul 1998, Ravisankar S. Mayavaram wrote:

> The book I have is by one KrishnAnanda Shastry, published by Bharatiya
> Sanskrit bhavan, it is a book titled "vedokta evaM purANokta sachitra
> nitya karma paddhati eva deva pUjA vidhiH"  in saMskR^itam and Hindi.

Just a warning, one should be wary of these popular prayoga books,
particularly if they come from unreliable sources such as Bharatiya Vidya
Bhavan.  For instance does this one mention what Shakha it is for?  The
Vaishvadeva mantras are different for different Shakhas and Sutras.

> Directly under the verse he does not explain what vaishvedevam is. But at
> a later point he has a section on balivaishvedeva. From a cursory glance
> of the text, I understand that it is offering to fire and refers to
> panchamahayagnam also. The term vaishvAnara means fire or fiery power
> refered in ahaM vaishvAnaro bhUtva (B.G 15-14), also in nAgendrahArya
> stotram as vaishvAnara lochanAya.

Vaishvadeva (for "all Gods" or vishva deva) is also called Aupasana Homa.
Every Grhastha is bound to do 5 mahayagnas daily to counteract the small
sins that inevitably accumulate in worldly life.  They are to Devas, Pitrs,
Rshis, Bhutas, and Atithis.  The Vaishvadeva Homa is the offering to

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