mahA shiva rAtri

Ravi Mayavaram MSR at ACS.TAMU.EDU
Mon Feb 23 06:38:44 CST 1998


AUM namaH shivAya

Coming wednesday [25/2/98](according to the calendar I have) is shrI mahA
shiva rAtri. May Lord shiva bless us all in our quest for self-realization.

One another signifacance of Lord shiva consuming the poison which comes
out when devas and asuras churn the milk ocean is this. When a devotee
engages in spiritual discipline like rAja yogam. Invariably during the
process the dross and other negative latent impressions will come out.
This like churning oneself to get the nectar of self-realization. Lord out
of limitless love towards his devotee, consumes this poison and redeems
the devotee from misery. This great act of karuNa signifies the
unconditional love of God. Who else but God will accept the poison to save
the world (/devotee) when the rest hanker after the best benefit every
action performed.

AUM namaH shivaya


mAta cha pArvatI devi
pitA devo maheshvaraH
bhAndhava shiva bhaktashcha
svadesho bhuvantrayaM

shivanOdu okkum deivam theDinum illai
avanOdu oppar ingu yaavarum illai -Thirumular
(There is no God comparable to shiva you will find, however
hard you may search. For there is none who equals Him.)

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