upaniShad brahma yogin

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I was reading the book "The tantra of sri chakra" by Prof. K.S.
Ramachandra Rao. This book deals with bhAvanopaniShad. This book gives a
vey brief biographical sketch of shrI shrI upaniShad brahma yogin who is
one of the commentators of the upaniShad. Other being shrI bhAskara rAya.
I thought I will write the breif sketch gien in the book to the list and
I request knowledgeable list members to add in.

upaniShad brahma yogin was known in lay life as shivarAma and was born in
vathula gotra. He hailed from a place called Brahmapuram which is
situated on the banks of pAlARu. He was initiated to saMnyAsa by one
vasudevendra and his initatory name was rAmachandrendra. He started his
won maThaM in kAnchipuram and it is called upaniShad brahmendra maTham.

shrI upaniShad brahma yogin was profilic writer in advaitam. His
commentary on the traditional 108 upaniShads, got him the name upanishad
brahma yogin. He also wrote another famous work called parama -advaita-
sidhhAnta paribhAShA.

shrI upaniShad brahma yogin is a great rAma bhakta. He preferred bhajana
form of worship. All hsi works had a distinct flavor of bhakti. He also
evolved a way of contemplation on the praNava (AUM), concentrating on the
esoteric quality of nAda.

Based on the prasthAna trayi ( three pricipal works, upaniShads, bhagavad
gIta and brahma sUtram) and several other independent vedAnta prAkaraNas
he wrote many divya nAma saMkirtanas, it is interesting to note that he
was a contemporary of Saint thyAgarAjar (1767- 1847AD).

AUM namaH shivAya

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