124. sarvamangalA

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Wed Aug 26 00:51:26 CDT 1998

sarvebhyo namaH,
  I am going to be moving in a couple  of days and will be close
to Arsha Vidya GurukulaM. Then I will see Pujya Swami Dayananda,
Swami Tadatmananda, and all the other friends there. So, I will be
offline after tomorrow until Oct.
  May I be in all of your hearts as you are in mine. Hopefully, we will
meet in person someday.
  Ravi, please take me off the list until I am set up in my new location
in Oct.  Thank you for your patience and perserverance in maintaining
this list.


> 124. sarvamangalA
> SHE whose form is all auspiciousness.
> SHE is all auspicious because SHE is the ultimate bliss in the
> form of pure awareness. There is no distinction is made here
> between HER form and HER. Like, when we say "beautiful king", it
> really means his body is beautiful. But no distinction is made
> between the king and his body.
> Or SHE is the auspiciousness found in everything.
> Or SHE grants prosperity and auspiciousness to those who worship
> HER by different means like meditation, prayer, etc. SHE grants
> them goodness even if the worship is dull and not perfect.
> Or SHE is the Atman who is all auspiciousness.
> Or sarva here can denote cause of everything, that is shiva. SHE
> is His auspiciousness or SHE confers Him auspiciousness.
> [To be continued]
> ======================
> From  a translation of
> shrI shankara bhAShyam of shrI lalita trishatI

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