124. sarvamangalA

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Tue Aug 25 18:19:15 CDT 1998

124. sarvamangalA

SHE whose form is all auspiciousness.

SHE is all auspicious because SHE is the ultimate bliss in the
form of pure awareness. There is no distinction is made here
between HER form and HER. Like, when we say "beautiful king", it
really means his body is beautiful. But no distinction is made
between the king and his body.

Or SHE is the auspiciousness found in everything.

Or SHE grants prosperity and auspiciousness to those who worship
HER by different means like meditation, prayer, etc. SHE grants
them goodness even if the worship is dull and not perfect.

Or SHE is the Atman who is all auspiciousness.

Or sarva here can denote cause of everything, that is shiva. SHE
is His auspiciousness or SHE confers Him auspiciousness.

[To be continued]

>From  a translation of
shrI shankara bhAShyam of shrI lalita trishatI

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