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The Siva Sahasranamam is not very well-known. Perhaps, Anand or Ravi or
someone else on this list can help the following gentleman out?


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Subject: Siva Sahasranama

I am trying to get some information on Siva Sahasranama and how and when
it is to be  recited and so on. Are there any books on the sahasranam
itself? I have only copies of the text published by Ramakrishna Mutt in
Madras and text with meaning in Tamil and English by Swami
Chitbhavananda of Ramakrishna Tapovanam near Tiruchirappali. I could
find no other literature on the Sahasranama till now. I would be
grateful if you can give some information about this. We are at present
reciting it every Pradosham day. I do not find it done at the temple.
There Rudra Trishati is recited.

Thanking you and with best wishes,

Chandrasekaran, A
915 Walton trail
Cookeville TN 38501

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