shiva mAnasa pUjA -2

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Greatness of mAnasa pUjA (continuation)

pUsalAr thought even though he cannot build a temple outside, he
can indeed build one in his mind. From that day onwards he
started building the temple. Even though it was built in mind, he
went through every step as if it built normally. Every single
detail, like amout of material needed and labor required was
planned carefully and executed. Finally the construction was
completed. It took pUsalAr the same amount of time it will
require to build the actual temple. After the completion, pUsalAr
fixed an auspicious time and date for kumbAbhishekam and invited
the Lord to be present and sanctify the ceremony.

It so happened that the pallava king wanted to perform
kumbAbhishekam to the temple he constructed on the same date and
began making aranngements for it. Lord who is present everywhere,
to show the greatness of his poor devotee, appeared in the dream
of the king and commanded him to change the date. Lord shiva told
the king that HE is going to enter the magnificient temple built
by the devotee pUsalAr in thiruninRavUr and will be not available
for the king. Next day, astonished pallava king with his
ministers started out to thiruninRavUr in search of pUsalAr and
the temple. After reaching thiruninRavUr, he could not find the
temple or any details about it from the local people. Finally, he
and his ministers, managed to locate pUsalar's house and asked
him the details (after informing about  the dream).

pUsalar was stunned and was overcome by waves of emotion. Tears
veiled his eyes thinking about his Lord's love and grace. Finally
after overcoming his emotions, when he narrated the details of
his temple. The whole assembly was overcome with joy and emotion.
King paid his respects to the great pUsalar and returned back to
his capital. thiru pUsalAr (in tamizh thiru = shrI), as planned
did the kumbabhishekam in all grandeur and daily at all six times
did pUjA to Lord shiva according to the rules laid down by

Such is the greatness of mAnasa pUjA. Let us bow to the great
pUsalAr for his devotion and to our Father, Lord shiva for his
love and compassion towards all.

[to be continued]

\aside: Now we have no reason to complain if our village/city has
no temple. To best of our ability we can build one inside.

vEdiyA vEdagItA viNNavar aNNA enRu
 OdiyE malarkaL thUvi oru"ngi ninkazhalkaL kANa
pAdiyor peNNai veiththup paDarchaDai madiyam chUdum
 AdiyE AlavAyil appanE aruL cheyyAyE

                        dEvAram  (thamizh)
                        (I will translate this later)

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