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I heard sometime back that eclipses have tremendous effects on people.

The most important of them all is that people severe relations and start anew.

It happened to me personally this week.  I am severing relations with blood
related not for any reason and developing samadhristi to all humanity like
shastras teach. Exactly what AdiShankara said in Bhajagovindam.

kate kaanta kaste putah   samsaroyamateeva vichitrah
kasya tvam kaha kuta aayaatah   tatvam chintaya tadihabrahtah

The people resigning and retiring from this list looks to me have the effect
of eclipse.    I wish them well.

The list goes on well unless Sri Ravi decides call it quits.

Keep it up Ravi.  You are providing the best service.

Let Devi's Grace be with you and All.


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Vidyasankar Sundaresan wrote:

> The Siva Sahasranamam is not very well-known. Perhaps, Anand or Ravi or
> someone else on this list can help the following gentleman out?

> I am trying to get some information on Siva Sahasranama and how and when
> it is to be  recited and so on. Are there any books on the sahasranam
> itself? I have only copies of the text published by Ramakrishna Mutt in
> Madras and text with meaning in Tamil and English by Swami
> Chitbhavananda of Ramakrishna Tapovanam near Tiruchirappali. I could
> find no other literature on the Sahasranama till now. I would be
> grateful if you can give some information about this. We are at present
> reciting it every Pradosham day. I do not find it done at the temple.
> There Rudra Trishati is recited.

There are many shiva sahasranAmam-s. The most famous one is from the
Mahabharata. It was recited by Upamanyu and shiva true to his name of
AshutoshI gave him the "milk-ocean" though Upamanyu just wanted some
milk. It is found in the anushAsana parvam and was taught by Lord
Krishna to Yudhistira. It has been printed by the Ramakrishna Mutt with
meanings and it should be available via the vedAnta catalog. The shlokas
of this are also available on the Sanskrit documents list:

under the shiva stotras.

The second is from Padma Purana and was taught again by Krishna to
Markandeya. This is not so well known, but was used for recitation by
the famous Sadasiva Brahmendra. He refers to it in his shiva gItA
bhAshhya. I have a copy of this printed by the Vani Vilas Press. That's
probably out of print (I don't even know if the Vani Vilas press is
functioning now). I am supposed to transliterate this for the Jaguar
site, but I have been sitting on it for more than a year. Sorry Giri! So
wait for some more time and you can find this also in the Jaguar site.

There's another interesting book to check out:

shivasahasranAmAshhTakam, by Rama Karan Sharma, Nag Publishers, Delhi.
It's a scholarly work on the variations of the MahabhArata version found
in various purANa-s (but the one in the Padma is completely different).
There's also a useful shivasaharanAma glossary in this book. It's cost
is Rs 300.


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