Who's dream is it?

Allan Curry acurry at UVIC.CA
Thu Oct 30 16:56:27 CST 1997


    It is enjoyable to contemplate the totality whirling
    around composing our entire existence. If this were
    true, I suppose everyone *would* be exactly the same in
    the way all characters in a book are equally "composed".

    But what about those characters in the book who
    supposedly know they are mere characters in the book?
    Are they *still* just characters *in* the book and is
    their "knowledge" still as totally composed as any other
    part of the book? If that is so, then enlightenment and
    unenlightenment would be on the same ontological level,
    but perhaps that *is* the point, when it's said "there is
    only one thing (ie. consciousness)" ?  Is that right?

    If not and you don't want to put enlightenment and
    unenlightenment on the same ontological level then how
    do you (as enlightened person) *prove* to yourself and
    others that your awakening is not as much a dream as
    that of any of the sleepers you are trying to wake up?

    I've read real gurus frown on silly little tricks like
    suspending the laws of physics, but it would sure help
    my unbelief if even 1 of the 8 "western teachers of
    Advaita" could create even one little mosquito in a
    scientifically scrutinized setting. If they cannot
    unilaterally alter the laws of physics in this world
    they say is their dream then isn't this world more real
    than their awareness of it being a dream? If they cannot
    demonstrate perfect total control over the nature of
    this dream, it may still be a dream, but perhaps it is
    God's dream and not *their* dream at all. If anyone is
    beyond being fooled by maya and are therefore *beyond*
    God, then they should demonstrate it or re-evaluate who
    they think they are. It *has* been demonstrated many
    times in history (Jesus, etc.) but I really don't think
    the "8 western teachers" and all their "enlightened"
    students put together can do anything of the kind.
    Can they?


- Allan Curry

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