karmaNi eva ..

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karmaNi eva adhikaaraste maa phaleshu gadaachana
maa karma phala hetuH bhuH maa sanghaH astu akarmaNi

We should act not because the actions will produce such and such result or
avoid the activity because we think the results produced may not be of our
interest. Actions should proceed from the sense of duty. One has to do his
duty no matter what the consequences are. That is what I understand from
this verse and the context.

An intelligent person will be aware of the probable results when has to do
a certain thing. That should not either motivate him or dissuade.  Arjuna
knew what he should do according to dharma, but wanted to avoid doing that
because of the nature of results that may produce.

One should do his duty. No matter what the conseuqnces are.  Our dharma
shastras describe/define/prescribe what one should do.  In the beginning
when one is in the depth of ignorance, it may seem like duty is imposed on
him/her. But as avidya is removed, what is prescribed as duty will become
natural. A jnani, who abides in Self, will always act according dharma.
Rather, dharma shastras decribe his natural state of activity.

To say "earn self-realization" is like putting the cart before the horse.
To find out who really you are is one's duty. One has to enquire and find
that out. It may lead to self-realization, that is just a consequence. If
one does not know his true nature, he may imagine his Self as this or
that. That is like killing the Self. For such a thing one is doomed to
dark world  (as mentioned in iisha upanishhad).

"meenalochani paashamochani"

Aside: Govind mentioned about people looking longingly at shrii
venkateshwara. I think it happens because, devotee understands a
father-son relationship with Him. It is the love that springs from
understanding that relationship is bhakti.  I have experienced this
feeling. When I look at shrri miinakshii parameshwari as my Mother the
feeling that arise are very beautiful and the love that springs in the
heart is natural.  I understand this when I see the expressions of fellow
devotees. It a great joy to love and worship Her.

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