Thinking process

Charles Wikner WIKNER at NACDH4.NAC.AC.ZA
Thu Oct 9 11:23:50 CDT 1997

Greg Goode <goode at DPW.COM> wrote:

> >I have not read Ramana at all, and did not know that he had written in
> >Sanskrit.  Does the Upadesha Saara continue on this level?  Is there an
> >international supplier?  My primary source, DK Agencies, doesn't list it.
> Not sure I understand -- would you like to read Ramana in Sanskrit
> or English?  There are some good sources I know for English.

Both: English for skimming and Sanskrit for penetration. The point
is to study the words of the wise in their own language, without
the interpretations of a translator.  So the most useful text is
one that has both, e.g. in the format of Sadananda's post.

I don't much care for the opinions of onlookers, albeit disciples,
or for transcriptions of conversations because the level is so
dependent on the disciple: I assume that most publication are in
this vein.  But Ramana's _own_ writings intended for publication
should be worth examining.


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