Thinking process

Srinivas Sista sista at ECN.PURDUE.EDU
Thu Oct 9 12:09:29 CDT 1997

Charles Wikner wrote:
> I don't much care for the opinions of onlookers, albeit disciples,
> or for transcriptions of conversations because the level is so
> dependent on the disciple: I assume that most publication are in
> this vein.  But Ramana's _own_ writings intended for publication
> should be worth examining.

However, recordings of the conversations with Ramana Maharshi are
in an entirely different category. The reason is that regardless of
the type of disciple and the question, the solution or answer is
always one-step. I don't mean that he said the same to all. But his
instruction is so direct that where ever the disciple is he is lifted
immediately to the Self. It is difficult to explain unless you take
a look at them. One can see that immediately.

Srinivas Sista.

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