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Charles Winker wrote:

>I have not read Ramana at all, and did not know that he had written in
>Sanskrit.  Does the Upadesha Saara continue on this level?  Is there an
>international supplier?  My primary source, DK Agencies, doesn't list it.

First thanks for your kind comments.

Ramana's original composition on Upadesha Saara was in tamil and then he
himself wrote in Malayaalam and telugu at the request of his disciples.

English version of it was composed by one Shastri who was a great sanskrit
pundit and one of the early disciples of Bhagavan Ramana.

Ramana kept silent for most of the time, and whatever he wrote was cryptic
and concise.  It requires great deal of contemplative thinking to fully
understand the meaning and the essence of his statements.

Upadesha Saara and Sat Darshan are two famous short books of 30 to 40
slokas of each, and many have written commentaries on it starting from
Prof. Mahadevan.  Any advaita book store should have them.  There is one
SRI in California that specializes on Ramana's books. If more information
is needed let me know, I will search and find out.

Hari Om!

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