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On Thu, 2 Oct 1997, Martin Gifford wrote:

> Jaldhar ! Fancy calling Ramana Maharshi a nitwit !

Yeah fancy it.  I don't recall his views on the infallability of the Vedas
even entering into the picture yet.  I doubt if they are different to what
I have said.

> I'd say us followers of modern nitwits like Ramana perceive that Allan Curry
> is doing a brilliant job and doesn't need any help!

Did anyone say he wasn't doing a brilliant job and needed any help.
(Btw "us followers"?  I thought you said you didn't care about Vedanta?
Ramana was a Vedantin you know.)

> I think some orthodox members are responding because if they don't say
> something everyone will notice they have been clearly defeated on this point.
> In fact I'd say he has already proved all his points and all the long winded
> responses to his posts on this subject are really just diplomacy to water
> down and obscure the issue and to protect peoples feelings.
> The Vedas are a useful source of information but they are not infallible as
> claimed. This subject doesn't really lend itself to debate because this fact
> is self evident. As Allan pointed out, only one internal contradiction or
> one external contradicting proof is required to end the debate of
> infallability (which means utterly without error). Allan has provided that.

The Vedas only have two subjects Dharma and Brahman.  No contradictions
have been proven there.  (Perhaps and it isn't certain a contradiction
has been shown in the Vedantic opinion of Buddhism but that isn't part of
the Vedas anyway.) As for contradictions on other subjects.  Noting that
is hardly profound.  There are at least 5 different theories of creation
and some shastras recommend the worship of Shiva Bhagawan and some of
Vishnu Bhagawan.  It is highly implausible that no one has noticed this
for thousands of years.

Overall not much help to the modern nitwits I'm afraid. :-)

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