Martin Gifford marting at NSWCC.ORG.AU
Thu Oct 2 03:50:37 CDT 1997

At 02:15 AM 2/10/97 -0400, Jaldhar H. Vyas replying to Ram wrote:

>It is ironic that you should post this when a quick glance at the list
>shows it is the most orthodox members who are participating in
>intellectual debate and the followers of modern nitwits who are
>contributing nothing.

Jaldhar ! Fancy calling Ramana Maharshi a nitwit !

I'd say us followers of modern nitwits like Ramana perceive that Allan Curry
is doing a brilliant job and doesn't need any help!

I think some orthodox members are responding because if they don't say
something everyone will notice they have been clearly defeated on this point.

In fact I'd say he has already proved all his points and all the long winded
responses to his posts on this subject are really just diplomacy to water
down and obscure the issue and to protect peoples feelings.

The Vedas are a useful source of information but they are not infallible as
claimed. This subject doesn't really lend itself to debate because this fact
is self evident. As Allan pointed out, only one internal contradiction or
one external contradicting proof is required to end the debate of
infallability (which means utterly without error). Allan has provided that.



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