Vidyasankar Sundaresan vidya at CCO.CALTECH.EDU
Fri Sep 13 20:22:54 CDT 1996

>      I told about this incident to several people.  Most of them told
>      me that I am CRAZY including my wife but some said I'm blessed.
>      Can you provide an explanation?

I don't think rational explanations are possible for such experiences. One
half of the world (maybe more) will say you are crazy. But as all advaita
masters have pointed out, such an opinion is the commonplace reaction to
these kinds of experiences, prompted both by fear and/or ignorance of the

I am no expert, but if you continue to have such experiences, you probably
have a natural bent for yogic practice. A guru who has himself known it
all will be better able to guide you properly, much more than any of us on
this list.


S. Vidyasankar

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