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Fri Sep 13 19:40:03 CDT 1996

On Fri, 13 Sep 1996, Chelluri Nageswar Rao wrote:

>      On my arrival in Madras, this great urge developed in me to make
>      a trip to Gauhati, Assam to visit Kamakhya (Kamarupini).  I could
>      not resist the urge, so immediately took a flight to calcutta
>      thence to Gauhati.
>      I went to the temple in the evening with another gentleman
>      staying at the hotel.   Kamakhya is one of the most Powerful
>      Places on this Planet Earth.  One has to see and experience.
>      One has to go there as a seeker of knowledge and truth.

        Actually, Devi Herself says so about the place. I refer you to
the 38 chapter of book 7 of DBP, where Devi lists all important places in
response to this query by the Himalayas 'O Devi ! Describe the places on
this earth that are prominent, sacred, and worth visiting and which Thou
likest best.' Devi replies, 'All the places that are on this earth are
Mine..I am however telling you this [sacred places] out of My affection to
Bhaktas...[list of places] ... The kamakhya is the excellent place where
the Devi Mahamaya dwells. There is no other place better than this.'

[DBP, of course, refers to the devi bhagavata purana]

>      flight to New Delhi when I realized that I missed a great
>      opportunity to seek the truth and knowledge from the Universal
>      Mother, my Ishta Devata Sri Manjula.

        Many such incidents can be found in tiruvilaiyadal where Lord
Shiva 'plays' with His devotees. Even in periyapurana, there is an
incident when a devotee is sleeping in the temple. A foot touches his
head and awakes to see a brahmin sleeping. The devotee requests (somewhat
angrily) the brahmin to remove his feet. The incident happens again
within a few minutes. The devotee gets angry and asks the brahmin 'Why
are constantly keeping your foot on my head ?' The brahmin says 'Because
you requested so. Don't you recognize me ?.' Saying such, He disappears.
Such is the grace of Lord Shiva and Shakti. But, sometimes, even the best
of devotees are not able to recognize it.


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