Brahmasuthra Sankara Bhashya Sangrahah (Adi Sankara's commentary on Brahmasuthra)


Sanatana Dharma is the time honoured expression of a whole way of life, Indian culture comprises everything that is outcome of human achievement science, philosophy and religion, morals and aesthetics, politics, economics and sociology. It means that Sanatana Dharma is an expression and explanation of a whole way of life, scriptural and secular. The Vedic heritage of Sanatana Dharma is a discipline and a way of life for the development of both the individual and the society with emphasis on character, competence, commitment and concern for excellence.


Adi Sankara, born in India before Jesus Christ, developed this concept by writing his commentary on the Ten principal Upanishads, Brahma Suthra and Bhagavad Gita, called the prastana thrya of Indian Vedantic literature.


His commentary on Brahma Sutra is a comprehensive treatise on the philosophical and theological elucidation of this Sanatana Dharma. The reconciliation of all religions cannot be better summarized than his own words-the teaching of Vedanta is that although Brahman is one, it has to be meditated upon or known with or without relationship of the adjuncts respectively.


Sri V Swaminathan has attempted to summarize the commentary of Adi Sankara for Western audience by summarizing the 191 topics into broad categories of Brahman, forms of Brahman, Jiva, World creation, Refutation, Sadhana, Adhikari, Upasanas and Phala.


He has been quoted Adi Sankara's  commentary in Sanskrit along with its English translation prepared under the guidance of Dr R Krishnamurthy Sastrigal Retired Principal of Madras Sanskrit College, Madras India and Dr Mani Dravid, Professor of Mimamsa of the same College.


The book, consisting of 107 pages has been published by Saradambal Seva Samiti Trust. This book is available for download through the link given below. We request that people downloading this work (and those interested in other such publications) please write us an email at


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