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 Dear Sri Subramanian,
You write: "
·        Since Vishnu (The all pervading Consciousness)is

my very svarupam, the contemplation frees me."
WHEN YOUR VERY  SVARUPAM IS VISHNU why contemplate as 'I am Vishnu'?Who is that 'me' that contemplates thus?Is that 'me' separate from Vishnu?If he is separate from Vishnu then how can he be Vishnu orbecome Vishnu?Do you contemplate 'I am a human being'?Is it not ridiculous?When you are already a human being why contemplate?Only a mad man will do that.Is it not so?
Please ponder over.With warm regards,Sreenivasa Murthy.

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> Dear Sri Subramanian,
> You write :"one becomes liberated from bondage by constantly thinking 'I
> am Vishnu'"
> IS it not like saying "One becomes a crorepati by
> constantly thinking 'I am Mukesh Ambani'"?

Namaste Sir,

The difference is this:  Since Vishnu (The all pervading Consciousness) is
my very svarupam, the contemplation frees me.  Since crorepati is not my
svarupam there is no use constantly thinking I am Mukesh Ambani.  But in
the modern world, a person who wants to become a crorepati benefits from
the lessons Mukesh Ambani's life teaches.

warm regards

> Is it ever possible?
> What has been stated / quoted by you goes against the
> teachings of Upanishads And Sri Shankara.
> Such quotations are misleading.
> Kindly pardon me for my frank opinion .
> With warm regards,
> Sreenivasa Murthy
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