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> Dear Sri Subramanian,
> You write :"one becomes liberated from bondage by constantly thinking 'I
> am Vishnu'"
> IS it not like saying "One becomes a crorepati by
> constantly thinking 'I am Mukesh Ambani'"?

Namaste Sir,

The difference is this:  Since Vishnu (The all pervading Consciousness) is
my very svarupam, the contemplation frees me.  Since crorepati is not my
svarupam there is no use constantly thinking I am Mukesh Ambani.  But in
the modern world, a person who wants to become a crorepati benefits from
the lessons Mukesh Ambani's life teaches.

warm regards

> Is it ever possible?
> What has been stated / quoted by you goes against the
> teachings of Upanishads And Sri Shankara.
> Such quotations are misleading.
> Kindly pardon me for my frank opinion .
> With warm regards,
> Sreenivasa Murthy

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