[Advaita-l] Prashnottara Ratna Malika - 19

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(Continued from previous post)
Q98. कुत्र विषं? 
Where is poison?
A98. दुष्टजने |
In bad people.
Q99. किमिहाशौचम् भवेत्?
What is contamination?
A99. ऋणं नृणां ।
Debts contracted by people.
Q100. किमभयमिह?
What is fearlessness?
A100. वैराग्यं |
Q101. भयमपि किं?
What is fear?
A101. वित्तमेव सर्वेषां |
For everyone, it is money.
Q102. का दुर्लभा नराणाम्? 
What is rarely obtained by human beings?
A102. हरिभक्तिः |
Love and devotion for Lord Hari.
Q103. पातकं च किम्?
What is heinous?
A103. हिंसा ।
Q104. को हि भगवत्प्रियः स्यात्? 
Who is dear to the Lord?
A104. योऽन्यमुद्वेजयेदनुद्विग्नः |
One who does not cause pain to others and does not get lost in worries.
(To be Continued)

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