[Advaita-l] Watch (English) "Rama Guna Anubhavam by Sri Sundarkumar Day 1" on YouTube

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Namaste Subbu ji
Thank you for sharing this video from the venerable Sri Sundar Kumar ji.

There is one beautiful shloka he quotes at around the 31st minute where he
explains how Rama is a master of his emotions. He can invoke anger in
himself awarefully and voluntarily for the sake of countering the
rakshasas. He "takes up" anger by choice even as he takes up his bows and
arrows by choice.

There is one shloka from the aranya kANDa while fighting Khara , which is
quoted by him which goes something like -
 " रामः क्रोधं परं भेदे...."

I could not locate that phrase quoted by the Bhagavatar.

The closest I could locate is -
वितत्य च धनुर् भीमम् तूण्याः च उद्धृत्य सायकान् || ३-२४-३३
क्रोधम् आहारयत् तीव्रम् वधार्थम् सर्व रक्षसाम् |
(aranNya kANDa 24th sarga)

"Rama stretched his awe-inspiring bow to examine the tautness of the
bowstring, and even whipped arrows out of the quiver, and then
accepted/called forth extreme wrath to eliminate all the demons."

In case you have any access to the phrase quoted by him from some other
source perhaps, please let me know.


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> https://youtu.be/mnXhykB9LOo?si=ryRG2xVeTAMJhzSw
> The venerable Bhagavatar starts the discourse in Sanskrit and continues in
> English.  He is so thorough that he does not need a book at all for his
> Ramayana and Bhagavatam discourses that go on for hours and for days
> together.
> Om
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