[Advaita-l] Sanatana Dharma and politics

Javier Ruiz Calderon jruizcalderon at yahoo.es
Sat Jan 13 12:44:52 EST 2024

Dear friends,I believe that, as sanatanis and as vedantins, we should not allow political parties and partisan movements to use us. BJP, VHP and RSS do not represent all Sanatana Dharma, but only the  conservative part of it, the "right wing" Hinduism -there is also a more "progressive" one. The Ayodhya problem can be seen in different ways. In this list we should only discuss on Advaita Vedanta. This is its value. There are many other lists in which political matters are discussed. Please, do not compromise the usefulness of such a unique list as this.    Thank you for reading. Best regards,
Shankara (Spain)

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