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The Shiva gita, a discourse on Vedanta between Shiva and Sri Rama, said to
be in the Padmapurana but not available there in the present times, is
cited, naming it, by Sripati Panditacharya of the 11/12th Century CE in his
Brahma sutra Srikara Bhashya.  Whatever be the date of Srikara Pandita,
that he has cited the verses by naming the source is an important evidence.

See the image of the above text here:

The Narada Purana and another purana do say that the Shiva Gita is part of
the Padma purana.

There are several commentaries to the Shiva Gita.

The verses cited in the Srikara Bhashyam are indeed found in the present
day Shiva Gita:

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