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Dennis - Greetings.


Was reading through some of the mails.


Kenopanishat says - pratibodha viditammatam- It is revealed in every thought.

'Realization', Knowledge, Experience,etc. words are used only to recognize the consciousness that I am that is revealedall the time in every thought, and in the thoughtless mind, too - where the minditself becomes an object reflecting the light of consciousness or from the pointof our discussion a means of knowledge.


The fact is that for one who islooking for the truth, the statements are applied. When one recognizes that Iam the very consciousness because of which I am looking for consciousness - thevery looking for, or experience, or knowledge or where the samaadhi getsculminated. Hence Shankara says 'krutvaa jnaanam swayam nasyet, jalamkatakarenuvat'. The so-called Vedantic knowledge also has done its task. Nirvikalpa or vikalpa would not make any difference if one can shift from the thought-full mind or thoughtless mind to that because of which they are revealed and CLAIM that I am that.


It is called upahita chaitanyam -since the recognition or realization or experience, samaadhi, etc. are only words used within the framework of the upaadhi. Realization is only in the realm ofVyavahaarika Satyam where upaadhis are there, since from paramaarthika satyam -  nowords can reach there.


Samaadhi word has been misused bythose who think that the mind is a problem and one’s mind has to be lost -mostly this comes from Ramana Maharishi's teachings or by NeoAdvaitins whothink studying scriptures is not needed and one has to sit and meditate ‘who amI? - When Bhagavan Ramana says that mind should get lost - he meant theconfused mind. One can never lose the mind. The mind gets merged intototal mind when a realized master drops his BMI. 


Samadhi actually involves samatvam inthe dhii - I am reminded of the Geeta Sloka 

vidhyaa vinaya sampanne... paditaaHsamadarshinaH - where a realized person sees
sarva bhuutastam aatmaanam sarvabhuutanicha aatmani.  

Hari Om!



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Dear Chandramouli-ji,


I have just posted the beginning of the chapter on ‘Experience (anubhava) and its relation to enlightenment’ from my last book ‘Confusions in Advaita Vedanta: Knowledge, Experience and Enlightenment’. It specifically addresses the meaning if the word ‘anubhava’. https://www.advaita-vision.org/meaning-of-anubhava/


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